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Official Disney Princess
Biographical Information
Film: The Little Mermaid
Number: Four
Prince: Prince Eric
Physical Description
Age: 16
Race: Caucasian
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Voiced by: Jodi Benson
Appears in: The Little Mermaid
The Ltittle Mermaid (Television series)
The Little Mermaid II
The Little Mermaid III
Once Upon a Time

Ariel is the beautiful main protagonist of The Little Mermaid movies and TV show. She has vivid red hair and blue eyes. When she was a mermaid she had green fins and a lavender seashell bikini top. She is voiced by Jodi Benson.

The Little Mermaid

Ariel was the 16 year old daughter of the sea king, King Triton, who hated humans. However, she wanted to know more about the humans and was fascinated by them. Her goal was set when she fell in love with a human prince Eric. Desperate, she traded her voice with the sea witch Ursula for human legs. After the sunset of the third day, she had to let Prince Eric kiss her with true love's kiss so she could become human permanently. However, Ursula kept thwarting Ariel's plans. By the third day, Ursula changed into a human with Ariel's voice, enchanting the prince. Nonetheless, Ariel had her voice back, but her father was changed into a polyp, and Ursula gained control of the trident and the seven seas. In the end, Eric stabbed Ursula with a broken ship, killing her. Then, King Triton gave Ariel her legs, and she lived happily ever after with her prince.

The Little Mermaid II

Ariel became the mother of her daughter, Melody. After Melody got a fish tail from the sea witch Morgana], she gave the witch Triton's magic trident. By doing this, she put all her family members in danger. Meanwhile, Ariel changed back into a mermaid to find her daughter, but was ultimately saved by Melody.

The Little Mermaid III

After her mother, Athena, gave King Triton a music box and was later killed by a ship, the king banned all music from his kingdom. His daughter, Ariel, tried to find the truth about the past and saved music from fading away.

Kingdom Keepers

Ariel is in Power Play, when Judge Frollo tries to drown Willa. Ariel saved her and helped her to escape. Ariel later reveals that Mickey had gone missing.



  • In the original story, she couldn't kill the prince after he found his wife, therefore turning into bubbles and died.
  • She was the first Disney Princess to have red hair.
  • She was the only Disney Princess to be of mythical species.
  • She is the only Disney Princess to be a mother in any Disney media.
  • She is the only princess without a confirmed country. (Snow White; Germany, Cinderella; and Belle; France, Aurora; Britain, Jasmine; Persia, Pocahontas and Tiana; America, Mulan; China, Rapunzel; Germany, Merida; Scotland, Anna; Norway)


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