These are the Rules of Disney Princess Wiki.

General Rules

  • No Swearing
  • No Other Bad Words
  • Do not insult or harass another person

Rules Regarding Characters

  • Do not make fun of the Characters unless on a talk page, comment or blog.
  • Do not call the characters names.
  • Do not post insults ON A CHARACTER'S PAGE. A blog, talk page or comment is acceptable but not reccomended.
  • Adding a Disney Princess to the list randomly may be thrown away, depending on the character.
  • If you want to add a new Disney Princess, suggest it to either Harryronhermione17 or Prince of Hearts, and we will put it to poll on our homepage. If most of the votes are "yes," after three months, than we add the princess to the list.

Rules Regarding Articles

  • Do not create an article for a made-up character (ex: Aurora=acceptable (in movie), Dawn=acceptable (in story), Harry (made-up character)=unacceptable)
  • Do not create articles to anything that doesn't exist and there are no plans for it (ex= The Princess and the Frog II= unacceptable)
  • Do not put fake information on the Article
  • Do not create articles and then put little to no relative content just to fill in a red space. If you plan on making articles, make one with acceptable content.

Rules Regarding Categories

  • No Innapropriate Categories
  • No Swear Words in Category names
  • Categories must be nice
  • Categories must include Characters/Songs/Films/Other Media that have to do with something on this wiki.

Other Than That

Have fun

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