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Official Disney Princess
Biographical Information
Film: Frozen
Number: Thirteen
Physical Description
Age: 21
Race: Caucasian
Hair color: Platinum blonde
Eye color: Blue
Voiced by: Idina Menzel
Appears in: Frozen

Once Upon A Time

Elsa is the deuteragonist of Frozen, and older sister of Anna. She is the very beautiful Queen of Arendelle and is voiced by Idina Menzel.


Born with the power to create ice and snow, Elsa one day accidentally zapped Anna with her power. Feared that she would harm her family, Elsa isolated herself from the world as well as her beloved sister. Three years after the king and queen of Arendelle died, Elsa became the queen. During the coronation ceremony, her power was revealed. In fear, she ran away from the kingdom and into the mountains, where she created her own castle, snow guards, and dress to free herself from others. When Anna tried to bring her back, she zapped Anna with magic, consequently freezing her own sister. Hans then tried to bring Elsa back with success, but her magic broke her from the cell. Later on, Hans told her that her power killed her sister. In tears, she broke down, stopping the blizzard storm. By then, Hans decided to strike Elsa with a sword, but Anna saved her by blocking the sword using her frozen body. Due to Anna's act of true love, she melted, and Elsa regained her throne and her happiness.


  • For the First Time In Forever
  • Let it Go
  • For the First Time In Forever (reprise)

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