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The Great Prince of the Forest is a minor protagonist in Bambi, but has a more major role in Bambi II.

Disney HistoryEdit


The Great Prince of the Forest appears in front of a group of Bucks. Bambi, terrified, was standing on a rock and looks up at the Great Prince. The Great Prince stares at his son, before striding into the forest. He hears man coming and  warns the deer in time. He helps Bambi get up when he fell down in the stampede to get out of the meadow. 

When Bambi's Mother is killed by Man, The Great Prince comes and takes Bambi away (the span between this and his next appearance is explained by Bambi II.)

When Bambi is injured by Man's Dogs, The Great Prince helps him get up and the two must flee the burning forest. The Great Prince help Bambi swim to safety, where Bambi reunites with Faline.

After Gurri and Geno are born, the Great Prince leaves Bambi on the rock, presumably representing his retirement.

Bambi IIEdit


Other HistoryEdit

The Original BambiEdit

The Great Prince of the Forest is simly known as the Old Stag. He doesn't adopt Bambi, but simply cares for him as an adult. As a fawn, he makes fun of Bambi for wailing for his mother. Later, he sees Bambi, who wants to let the old stag know he can stay by himself. He asks the old stag who He is, but the old stag leaves. The old stag later sees Bambi as an adult, trying to find Faline. Bambi hears Faline's voice calling, but the old stag proves to him it is one of His' tricks. The old stag hangs out with Bambi after he is shot, until Bambi is well. The old stag and Bambi spend almost all their time together, until the Old Stag tells Bambi that he is leaving to die of old age. He is not seen again.

Songs Edit



The Great Prince of the Forest is tall and majestic. He has large, curved horns. He is brown with a light brown stomach and neck, nose and eye markings. The top of his head is dark brown. He has a black nose and amber eyes.



More more photos of The Great Prince of the Forest, see Great Prince of the Forest/Gallery.


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