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Minnie Mouse is the sweet and very beautiful main character of Mickey Mouse and Friends. She has been voiced by Russi Taylor.

Mickey Mouse and FriendsEdit

The beautiful ages Minnie was a sweeties girl mouse.



  • Minnie Mouse is Mickey's girlfriend. She is often seen wearing a hair bow, dress, frilly white bloomers and high-heel pumps. In most appearances, Minnie is presented as a close friend of Daisy Duck and Clarabelle Cow. Her favorite hobbies are dancing, gardening, shopping, music, fashion, and spending time with Mickey
  • Minnie Mouse is one of the main characters of this Disney Junior TV series. Despite her gentle nature in the movie.


  • "It means we'll just have to trust the king."
  • "Thank you, both of you."
  • "Oh, and to chronicle your travels, he will accompany you."
  • "We hope for your safe return. Please help the king."
  • "Oh, King Mickey, I wish you could hear me. The castle is in danger! We've got to do something soon! Donald... Goofy... Where are you?"
  • "Oh, Sora! The King told me all about you in his letters. He said you're a very brave young man."
  • "Oh my... So those are the Heartless."
  • "As soon as the trouble started, I made sure to seal this room."
  • "The room below is called the 'Hall of the Cornerstone.' Our castle has always been safe from worlds that are evil... thanks to the Cornerstone of Light which we keep down there."
  • "The thorns have disappeared!"
  • "Welcome back! Because of your bravery, the castle is safe and protected again. Thank you so much for all you've done!"

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