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Queen Elinor is Merida's beautiful mother, the wife of King Fergus and a secondary female protagonist in Brave. She is voiced by Emma Thompson.

Disney History




Queen Elinor has long, brown hair streaked with gray in golden ribbons. Her crown is gold with a green gem. She has brown eyes and a long, green dress with a flower on it. The dress has gold trimmings. It also has green spots on the bottom. She has green shoes.

Her bear form is a black bear with large brown eyes.

In the beginning of the movie, she is wearing her braids on her back instead of her front and is wearing a long, purple dress and blue necklace.

At the end of the movie, she is wearing a sparkly blue dress trimmed with gold. Her hair is down.



For pictures and screenshots of Queen Elinor, see Queen Elinor/Gallery.

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