These are the songs from Sofia the First.

Season 1

  1. I'm Not Ready To Be A Princess
  2. Royal Prep
  3. A Little Bit Of Food
  4. True Sisters
  5. Rise and Shine
  6. Princess Things
  7. Anything
  8. Perfect Slumber Party
  9. Make Some Noise
  10. Cedric The Great
  11. Goldenwing Circus
  12. All You Need
  13. Blue Ribbon Bunny
  14. I Belong
  15. (You Can Always) Count On Baileywick
  16. Picnic of the Year
  17. Good Little Witch
  18. The Ride of Your Lives
  19. Bring My Best Friend Back
  20. I'll Get My/That Amulet
  21. The Buttercups
  22. Make Way for Miss Nettle
  23. Enchancia Anthem
  24. Make It Right
  25. Bigger Is Better
  26. Who's That?
  27. A Recipe for Adventure
  28. The Simple Life
  29. Merroway Cove
  30. The Love We Share
  31. Wassailia
  32. Peace and Joy
  33. Royal Fun

Season 2

  1. Sisters and Brothers
  2. Two by Two
  3. All You Desire
  4. Huzzah! Huzzah!
  5. Me and My Mom
  6. Tilly, Oh Tilly
  7. Friendship Is The Formula
  8. Be Your Own King
  9. Make Your Wishes Well
  10. Believe in Your Dream
  11. Keeping Promises No Matter What
  12. Mystic Meadows
  13. Stronger Than You Know
  14. The Ghostly Gala
  15. A Princess True
  16. In Your Paws
  17. Know It All
  18. Helping Hand
  19. A Kingdom of My Own
  20. Smoke, Wings and Fire
  21. Dare to Risk it All
  22. From the Heart
  23. Hoppin' Out With You
  24. Play With Us
  25. Never Forget The Sorcerer's Secret
  26. Improvise

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