The Witch AKA the Crafty Woodcarver is the main antagonist of the movie Brave.



When the Wisps led Merida into the Witch's hut, the Witch said if there's anything she likes of her wooden stocking. Merida saw the old woman's broom moved when she revealed the old Crone's true nature,the old Witch tells Merida to get out for not buying anything! Merida begged a spell to change her mother's fate so the queen will forget about marriage. The Witch made a spell cake, and said she could trust her.After Merida left, the Witch had moved away on a vacation to the Wickerman's festival in Stornway. After the bear transformation, Merida found her desserted hut. The ghost of the Witch told Merida to break the spell, and find the second sunrise and left Merida a riddle. The Witch isn't  seen again the rest of the film.


The Witch is a crafty woodcarver and likes customers paying her. But, if unsatisfied customers are not going to buy anything ,she  tells them to get out in an upset way.


  • The Witch was voiced by  Julie Walters who played Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter films.
  • The Witch is similar to the Enchantress from Beauty and the Beast who transforms Prince Adam into a beast for his sarcasm
  • Many fans speculated the Witch to be a secret antagonist for transforming, Mor'du, Elinor. and the Tripilets to be bears which she was obsessed of but, she doesn't have any intentions of evil. She just used a spell to teach Merida a lesson to love her mother.
  • The Witch's real name is unclear throughout the film.
  • In the commentary, Mark Andrews the director explained about how the  Witch changes from nice, crafty, and, ditzy.
  • The Witch closes her door, and changes from Woodcarving, and Witchcraft.
  • The Witch seems to be obsessed with bears, by transforming everybody else.
  • The Witch has a pet crow who really annoys her.
  • The Witch's gender is a female.
  • The Witch was rumored to be the secondary antagonist of the film.


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