Young Macguffin ia minor character of the film. He is played by Kevin Mckidd. He was one of the suitors to ask Merida to seek her hand in marriage.

Role in the Film_________________________________________________________________________________

Young Maguffin was seen in front of the presentation for marriage, tearing the log in half thinking he slew thousand foes. After Fergus and the other fathers had a brawl, young Macguffin tried his best at archery but, failed. Young Maguffin at dinner went with his friends searching for a bear to hunt, thinking Elinor is Mor'du. After the lords understood Merida's lesson, Young Maguffin, and the others decide to follow their hearts, and find love in their time. After the defeat of Mor'du, the other suitors, and Young Macguffin went home with is father.


Young Macguffin is a shy, and  quiet young man who likes throwing logs. Young Maguffin likes to be with his friends all the time. He is always loyal to his father. He hates being a failer when he missed the target during the archery range.

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